Effectiveness of dietary vitamin supplementation to the performance of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) larvae in intensive rearing condition

Zsuzsanna Jakab Sándor, Zsuzsanna Bor Papp, László Ardó, Janka Nagy Biro, G. Jeney

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Study of enrichment of different vitamins (C, B1, B6 and E) in common carp larvae through 4 weeks feeding in recirculation system was carried out. For this purpose, procedure for enrichment of Artemia nauplii with different vitamins was developed and investigated the effectiveness in larvae nutrition. The habituation of larvae to dry feeds was done using supplemented dry diets with the same vitamins. To study the effect of vitamins in young fish, the most common stress situation was planned for carp nursed fries, which occurs during transportation. Levels of vitamins and parameters of immune response in mucus were monitored before and after stress situation. At the end of the feeding trials using enriched Artemia nauplii, level of vitamin B1, B6 and C were increased in the body of fish, but remained on similar level or decreased after dry feeding period. Therefore, we concluded that Artemia is a good delivery vector of these vitamins. While handling stress, vitamin C and E concentration was decreased and sparing effect of antioxidant vitamins was confirmed in groups supplemented with both vitamins. Vitamin B1 was consumed intensively during the stress, vigorously in groups without supplementation. Contrary to this, vitamin B6 level increased in stress condition in group without supplementations. The levels of immunoglobulins in mucus were increased in all treated groups independently of treatment. Our results confirm that carp larvae reared in tank condition needs sufficient amount of vitamins C, B1 and B6 supplements to protect them from the mild handling stress.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)738-747
Number of pages10
JournalAquaculture Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2018


  • Artemia
  • carp
  • handling stress
  • larvae
  • vitamins

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