Effect of relative L‐line intensity ratios on the accuracy of standardless x‐ray microanalysis

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A standardless method for energy‐dispersive x‐ray microanalysis has been implemented. Pure element intensities were calculated from first principles. The spectrum processing and ZAF correction of the unknown spectra were effected by a modified FRAME‐C program. The replacement of the original constant relative L‐line intensities with Z‐dependent new values according to Schreiber and Wims improved the analytical accuracy of the program. The improvement is demonstrated by a better consistency of the measured and calculated L‐line intensities of pure elements and by the reduction of the RMS error from 15.2% to 8.5%, calculated on the basis of 64 analyses of compound standards measuring K and L line intensities.

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JournalX‐Ray Spectrometry
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1987


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