Effect of prostaglandin E1 on the cardiac transmembrane potentials

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PGE1 exerted a dose-dependent biphasic effect on the maximal rate of depolarization (Vmax) and overshoot (OS) of the transmembrane action potential of cat, guinea-pig and rabbit atria and the rat ventricle. PGE1 in low concentration (1.4 × 10-8 M) evoked a marked increase of Vmax in all species while OS was considerably increased in rat ventricle and slightly enhanced or unchanged in the atria. PGE1 in higher concentration (5.6 × 10-8 M) had a reverse effect: Vmax was strongly depressed in all preparations and a variable degree of depression of OS was also observed. These changes were not related to changes in the resting potential. Repolarization phase was differently affected in the various species but in this respect the biphasic effect was absent.

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JournalEuropean Journal of Pharmacology
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1973


  • Cardia action potential
  • Prostaglandin E

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