Effect of carbohydrate content on the embryoid and plant production in triticale anther culture

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Anther culture efficiency is low in triticale compared to wheat, due to low levels of green plant regeneration. The aim of these experiments was to study how the plant regeneration of five hexaploid triticale varieties is influenced by different maltose concentrations in the induction medium and by the type of carbohydrate in the regeneration medium. The maltose concentration in the induction medium significantly influenced the anther culture efficiency, but the genotype and the genotype x maltose interactions were also highly significant factors. In most cases the application of 0.21 M or 0.26 M maltose resulted in higher embryo induction, while a further increase in the maltose concentration to 0.31 M had no further enhancing effect or was detrimental, with the exception of one variety, TF12. The strong genotypic effect was also pronounced in the total and green plant regeneration frequencies. The best carbohydrate source in the regeneration medium (sucrose vs. maltose) was also genotype dependent. Of the three basal regeneration media those based on 190-2 and MN6 proved to be more efficient with a strong genotype dependece, while all the triticale varieties gave the poorest results on MS-based regeneration medium. Among the triticale varieties, Moniko and TF12 possessed the highest green plant induction and showed the largest changes in this frequency as the result of different treatments, while the reactions of the other varieties, with extremely poor green plant regeneration (less than 5 green plants/100 anthers cultured), was not altered significantly.

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  • Anther culture
  • Carbohydrate
  • Plant regeneration
  • Triticale

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