Echokardiográfia, a legfontosabb neminvazív kardiológiai vizsgálómódszer

Translated title of the contribution: Echocardiography, the most important noninvasive diagnostic tool in cardiology

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Echocardiography is one of the most advanced noninvasive diagnostic tool in cardiology. Utilization of routine echocardiographic technique is improving due to continuous research. The use of proper indications of transoesophageal technique would improve the everyday power of the method. Stress echocardiography carries a strong prognostic power for future cardiovascular events. Real-time 3-dimensional echocardiography allows an exact measurement of ventricular and atrial volumes and ejection fraction. Analysis of synchron or asynchron contractions of left ventricular walls facilitates resynchronization therapy. Echocardiography is useful not only in patients' selection but also during optimalization of biventricular device, furthermore, in the estimation of immediate or late results of resynchronization therapy, too. Contrast echocardiography may become again a future tool in the detection of myocardial perfusion. Adequate questions help to evaluate clinical status of heart failure patients.

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