Dispersion measurement on the Danube

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In formulating the two-dimensional mixing model for a 52 km long section of the River Danube the dispersion conditions were studied. Three tracer experiments were performed at two different streamflow rates (1900 and 1050 m3 s-1) and at constant feed. For determining the transverse dispersion coefficient a new method based on the equations of the mass flux constant line has been developed. Examination of the observation data has shown the dispersion coefficient pertaining to the greater streamflow to be more than twice as high as the one at the smaller streamflow (0.033 and 0.013 m2 s-1). The variation with streamflow is well approximated by the formula Db = 0.13 u+ HR, where the factor 0.13 is slightly lower than those observed thus far.

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JournalWater Research
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Publication statusPublished - 1977

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