A terhesseg alatti betegsegeket is kezelni kell!

Translated title of the contribution: Diseases also during pregnancy are to be treated

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The benefits and risk of drugs used during pregnancies are discussed and a list of human teratogenic medicaments is presented. Of about 4000 drugs used in Hungary, 35 are proven human teratogens and only a small proportion, approximately 1%, of congenital abnormalities are traceable to teratogenic drugs in humans. Thus, at present the teratogenicity of drugs is exaggerated and it causes some disadvantages, many planned and wanted pregnancies are terminated because of the supposed risk of drugs. About 8% of pregnant women need permanent drug treatment because of chronic disorders such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, depression. Exacerbation of illness secondary to the fear of drug use is a real danger. About 80% of pregnant women are affected with acute diseases as influenza, genitourinary infection, etc. the lack of appropriate drug treatment may also cause fetal complications. Finally pregnant women with necessary drug treatment who continue their pregnancies have permanent psychological stress. In conclusion, the anxiety and fear created by the motion that nearly all drugs cause congenital abnormalities is more harmful than some proven human teratogenic drugs themselves.

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