Diffusion of Hydrogen Isotopes in Pure and Mg‐Doped LiNbO3 Crystals

L. Kovács, K. Polgár, R. Capelletti, C. Mora

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The diffusivity of protons and deuterons is measured parallel to the hexagonal c‐axis in pure and Mg‐doped LiNbO3 crystals. The infrared absorption of OH and OD ions is monitored after isothermal annealing between 450 to 650°C in O2 bubbled through D2O. The activation energy for the out‐diffusion of protons and in‐diffusion of deuterons is found to be Ep ≈ (1.1 ± 0.2) eV and Ed ≈ (1 ± 0.1) eV, respectively. The proton out‐diffusion data are consistent with those obtained from electrical conductivity measurements.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)97-104
Number of pages8
Journalphysica status solidi (a)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jul 16 1990


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