Devonian-Carboniferous pre-flysch and flysch environments in the Circum Pannonian Region

Fritz Ebner, Anna Vozarová, Sandor Kovács, Hans Georg Kräutner, Branislav Krstić, Tibor Szederkényi, Domagoj Jamičić, Dražen Balen, Mirko Belak, Mirka Trajanova

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The following Devonian-Carboniferous paleogeographic and Variscan orogenic domains were recognized in the Circum Pannonian Region: Oceanic and arc related environments - Noric Bosnian/Carnic-Dinaric Zone (carbonate dominated passive continental margins) - Inovo Zone (Devonian siliciclastic dominated stable continental margins) - Quartzphyllite Complexes - Carpatho-Balkanic intracontinental rift systems - Variscan Flysch Zone - Carboniferous anorogenic turbiditic siliciclastic sediments at stable margins (Bükk-Jadar Zone) - Carboniferous foredeeps and remnant basins (Veitsch/ Nötsch-Szabadbattyán-Ochtiná Zone) related to metamorphic zones (Mediterranean Crystalline Zone) formed already during an Early Carboniferous (Late Devonian) orogenic event. The synorogenic Variscan Flysch Zone formed in the suture at the leading edge of the colliding terranes (Noric Composite Terrane and Variscan Carpatho-Balkanic terranes) along the Laurussian margin (Eastern and Southern Alps, Western and Eastern Carpathians, Carpatho-Balkanides) N to W of the bay of the Carboniferous Paleotethys. This collision was connected with deformation and partly low grade metamorphism and occurred during a Serpukhovian-Bashkirian orogenic event which is also indicated by an unconformable Moscovian/Kasimovian continental molasse. The Variscan deformation of the East Bosnian Durmitor and Central Bosnian Terranes, situated in the Carboniferous SW of the Paleotethys, is only weak and not documented in a sufficient way. Bükk, Sana Una, Jadar Block and Drina-Ivanjica Terranes remained during the Carboniferous subsiding passive margins in shallowing upward systems. Therefore they lack any Variscan deformation, their turbiditic siliciclastic environments cannot be assigned as syn-orogenic flysch deposits and they are covered within Bashkirian-Moskovian times conformably by marine shallow water sediments.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)159-195
Number of pages37
JournalGeologica Carpathica
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Apr 1 2008


  • Circum-Pannonian Region
  • Devonian-Carboniferous
  • Paleogeography
  • Stratigraphy
  • Tectonostratigraphic terranes
  • Variscan orogeny

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    Ebner, F., Vozarová, A., Kovács, S., Kräutner, H. G., Krstić, B., Szederkényi, T., Jamičić, D., Balen, D., Belak, M., & Trajanova, M. (2008). Devonian-Carboniferous pre-flysch and flysch environments in the Circum Pannonian Region. Geologica Carpathica, 59(2), 159-195.