Development of a tension-adjustable implant for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

László Bodó, László Hangody, Balázs Borsitzky, György Béres, Gabriella Arató, Péter Nagy, Gábor K. Ráthonyi

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Objectives: Several surgical techniques have been developed for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. We developed a new implant (polyamide loop) for the tibial end fixation, called 'loop-in-loop' fixation, and tested the technique in a canine model. Materials and methods: The implant consists of two parts: A plastic strap with a smooth inner surface and a serrated outside surface used for gradual fixation. The other part is a plastic ring with a serrated latch. The two serrated surfaces of the two parts allow only one directional movement of the plastic strap in the ring and adjustable tightening of the graft. This technique was used in the fixation of a tendon graft in a canine model consisting of 10 animals. The animals were sacrificed at three weeks (n=2), three months (n=2), and nine months (n=6) postoperatively and the grafts were examined histologically. After obtaining histological results, a prototype of the new implant was produced and used in 10 patients. Results: Histologic examination at nine months showed minimal cell infiltration without acute inflammation, fine collagen fibers connecting the bony tunnel and the tendon, new bone formation around the tendon and the implant, and no evidence for bone absorption. Following prototype production, 10 patients were operated on using the new tensionadjustable tibial graft fixation implant. After six months of follow-up, we did not find evidence for tissue incompatibility, hypersensitivity, or widening of the femoral or tibial tunnels. The stability of the implanted joints was adequate. Conclusion: Maximal tendon-implant fixation strength can be achieved with our 'loop-in-loop' fixation method.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)27-32
Number of pages6
JournalEklem Hastaliklari ve Cerrahisi
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Nov 6 2008


  • Anterior cruciate ligament/surgery
  • Biomechanics
  • Dogs
  • Tendons
  • Transplantation, autologous

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    Bodó, L., Hangody, L., Borsitzky, B., Béres, G., Arató, G., Nagy, P., & Ráthonyi, G. K. (2008). Development of a tension-adjustable implant for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Eklem Hastaliklari ve Cerrahisi, 19(1), 27-32.