Determination of the geometric configuration of the polyene chain of mono-cis c40 carotenoids II. A 13CNMR study of mono-cis luteins and mono-cis capsanthins1 1 For Part I, see Ref. 1.

M. Baranyai, P. Molnár, J. Szabolcs, L. Radics, M. Kajtár-Peredy

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Systematic chromatography has resulted in the isolation of four geometric isomers as products of iodine-catalysed isomerisation of lutein, 13C NMR spectral analysis has established their stereochemistry as mono-cis luteins with a cis-configured double bond at C-9. C-9', C-13 and C-13', respectively. Carbon-13 NMR has also provided unambiguous stereochemical assignment for the previously isolated four mono-cis capsanthins.

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Publication statusPublished - 1981


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