D. L. Beke, I. Godeny, F. J. Kedves

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It is well-known that in the C-kinetics regime - if we have an infinite source condition - the penetration function can be described by c equals c//oK//o erfc (y/2 ROOT D//bt), where K//o is the solute segregation factor between the initial (source) surface and the grain boundary, D//b is the grain boundary diffusion coefficient, y and t are the penetration depth and the annealing time, respectively. It was shown that penetration plots of **5**9Fe tracer in Al between 404 - 469 K fit to the erfc function and so the Arrhenius-parameters for iron grain boundary diffusion are determined: D//b equals 4. 0 multiplied by 10** minus **1 exp (-1. 05 eV/kT) left bracket m**2/s right bracket . Furthermore, measurements were also carried out in the B-kinetics regime between 523 724 K and separating the subgrain and large-angle grain boundary segments of the penetration plots, it was obtained that p//1 equals 1. 1 multiplied by 10** minus **9 exp (-1. 40 eV/kT) left bracket m**3/s right bracket and P//2 equals 1. 0 multiplied by 10** minus **1**1 exp (-1. 01 eV/kT) left bracket m**3/s right bracket , respectively. (P//i equals K//iD//b//i delta and delta is the grain boundary width, K//i is the segregation factor between the grain boundary and the bulk.

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