Determination and correlation of lower limb anatomical parameters and bone age during skeletal growth (based on 1005 cases)

Ádám Tibor Schlégl, Ian O'Sullivan, Péter Varga, Péter Than, C. Vermes

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The aim of this study was to evaluate bone age and its correlation with the lower limbs' developing skeletal anatomy during growth. 1005 children and young adults were evaluated for bone age and 14 different parameters measured on lower-limb reconstructions from radiological examinations carried out with an EOS 2D/3D system in the course of routine orthopedic indicated diagnostic practice. Cervical vertebral morphology evaluation for bone age using the Hassel-Farman method, which describes six stages of maturity, was selected. Intra- and inter-observer reliability tests for this method, and for the EOS 3D reconstructions were performed. Statistical analysis were performed using Spearman correlation, multiple linear regression, and t-test. The intra- and inter-observer reliability of the Hassel-Farman method and the EOS 3D lower-limb reconstruction were found to be excellent. Interestingly one bone age stage could include individuals across a 12.1year range, and conversely individuals of the same calendar age could be of one of 3.2 different bone age stages. In the prepubertal age groups all six bone stages could be observed. Bone age revealed a stronger relationship, lower standard deviations with groups and proved to be a better discriminating variable than the calendar age by collodiaphyseal angle, femoral, and tibial torsion, femorotibial rotation, and mechanical tibiofemoral angle. Bone age is an indicator of skeletal maturity and may more accurately describe the growth of some lower limb parameters. As a result we suggest the consideration of bone age when evaluating lower-limb biomechanic-anatomical parameters.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Orthopaedic Research
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2016


  • Biomechanical parameters
  • Bone age
  • EOS 2D/3D
  • Hassel-Farman method
  • Lower limb

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