Detection of spin-states in Mn-doped gallium arsenide films

Werner A. Hofer, Krisztín Palot́s, Gilberto Teobaldi, Janusz Sadowski, Anders Mikkelsen, Edvin Lundgren

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We show that isolated magnetic dipoles centred at the position of manganese impurities in a gallium arsenide lattice lead to spin polarized states in the bandgap of the III-V semiconductor. Spectroscopy simulations with a tungsten tip agree well with experimental data; in this case, no difference can be observed for the two magnetic groundstates. But if the signal is read with a magnetic iron tip, it changes by a factor of up to 20, depending on the magnetic orientation of the Mn atom.

Original languageEnglish
Article number044006
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jan 31 2007

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    Hofer, W. A., Palot́s, K., Teobaldi, G., Sadowski, J., Mikkelsen, A., & Lundgren, E. (2007). Detection of spin-states in Mn-doped gallium arsenide films. Nanotechnology, 18(4), [044006].