Detectability of high-conductivity plates by the CSAMT method on basis of analogue modelling results: an interesting analogue modelling experience

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In an anlogue model experiment 3-D thin-sheet like graphite plates were put on the salt water/high resistivity bottom boundary and amplitude and phase of the electric component parallel to the distant HED transmitter were measured. The position of the phase anomaly proved to be stable in the whole period range serving a correct basis for the interpretation. The amplitude maps were more variable and unusual behaviour was discovered in a narrow period range: the small changes over the 3-D thin-sheet like plate were found in an unbelievable close relation with the real shape of the model, leading to much better detectability, than at any other periods. In spite of that, this effect in the field, in most cases, would be masked by measuring errors. -from Author

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JournalActa Geodaetica, Geophysica et Montanistica Hungarica
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1991


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