Density dependent effects between three competitive bird species

L. Sasvári, J. Török, L. Tóth

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Density and breeding success of the great tit Parus major, blue tit Parus caeruleus and collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis were studied in nest box colony in oak forest over a period of 19 years. Intraspecific density dependent clutch size reduction was found with blue tit and great tit. In interspecific relation the high density of blue tits reduced the clutch size of great tits. In the hatching period neither intraspecific nor interspecific density dependence were showed between the tits when the third competitive species, collared flycatcher was present. The collared flycatcher significantly reduced the hatching success of both tit species and the number of fledglings of great tit. The effects of the great tits and combined density of the great and blue tits on the hatching failure and number of fledglings of collared flycatcher were found when the density of the tits was high. There were not significant relationships to the single density of blue tits. The temporal variability of the competition of the three bird species is discussed.

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Publication statusPublished - Apr 1 1987



  • Birds
  • Interspecific competition
  • Intraspecific competition

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