A tercier medence aljzatanak geofizikai kutatasa

Translated title of the contribution: Deep reflection survey of the pre-Tertiary basement

K. Posgay, I. Albu, A. Adam, I. Berczi, E. Hegedus, K. I. Janvarine, S. Kovacsvolgyi, L. Lenkey, Z. Nagy, A. Papa, T. M. Redlerne, J. Sipos, L. Stegena, P. Szafian, A. Szalay, Z. Timar, E. Takacs, G. Varga

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Investigations of seismic reflection amplitude anomalies (bright spots) observed in the base of the pre-Neogene basin are reported. Some amplitude anomalies observed in the PGT-1 and PGT-4 deep reflection profiles can be interpreted as potential oil and gas occurrences. The results of low frequency seismic reflection measurements performed in the Carpathian Basin allowed a sketch of the complete lithosphere to be obtained. Along the Pannonian geotraverse relying on an integrated interpretation of seismic, magnetotelluric, geothermal, geomagnetic and gravity results, conclusions were drawn on the elevated position of the lower crust, as well as the crust-mantle and the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, and on a magmatic intrusion protruding into the upper crust beneath the Bekes Basin.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)27-36
Number of pages10
JournalMagyar Geofizika
Volume36 Spec Iss
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1995


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Posgay, K., Albu, I., Adam, A., Berczi, I., Hegedus, E., Janvarine, K. I., Kovacsvolgyi, S., Lenkey, L., Nagy, Z., Papa, A., Redlerne, T. M., Sipos, J., Stegena, L., Szafian, P., Szalay, A., Timar, Z., Takacs, E., & Varga, G. (1995). A tercier medence aljzatanak geofizikai kutatasa. Magyar Geofizika, 36 Spec Iss, 27-36.