Dealumination of zeolites with phosgene

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A novel dealuminating procedure with phosgene was applied to synthetic and natural zeolites, and the resulting changes in composition, structure and adsorption properties were assessed. The dealuminated samples were investigated by i.r. and X-ray spectroscopy, the adsorption Of nitrogen and elemental analysis. A new i.r. absorption band was observed at 930 cm-1 in the case of mordenite, in good correlation with the degree of dealumination. The highest adsorption capacity was attained at a dealumination temperature of 873 K; this was due to the removal of the impurities, while the nearly perfect crystallinity of the natural zeolites was maintained.

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  • Zeolite dealumination
  • i.r. spectroscopy
  • phosgene
  • structural changes

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