Cytokine production by lymphocytes in pregnancy

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PROBLEM: In the presence of progesterone lymphocytes of pregnant women release a 34-kDa protein named the progesterone-induced blocking factor (PIBF). PIBF mediates the immunomodulatory and anti-abortive effects of progesterone and its presence is related to the outcome of pregnancy. PIBF induces production of Th2 type cytokines by activated lymphocytes. The in vivo relationship between PIBF- and cytokine production of pregnancy lymphocytes and the outcome of pregnancy was investigated. METHOD OF STUDY: Interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-10 production and PIBF expression in peripheral lymphocytes of 111 healthy pregnant women and 120 women at risk for premature pregnancy termination were detected by immunocytochemistry. RESULTS: We found increased IL-12 and low PIBF and IL-10 expression on lymphocytes of 'risk' patients, and a high rate of IL-10 and PIBF positivity on lymphocytes from healthy pregnant women. The cytokine production pattern of the lymphocytes was related to the presence or absence of previous abortions as well as to the outcome of pregnancy. CONCLUSION: These data suggest the involvement of an altered cytokine production pattern in the immunologic effects of progesterone.

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