Cytogenetic and embryotoxic effects of bromophos and demethylbromophos

M. Nehéz, E. Huszta, É Mazzag, H. Scheufler, G. W. Fischer, I. Dési

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The organophosphorus pesticide bromophos and the tetramethylammonium and sodium salts of demethylbromophos were tested for cytogenetic and embryotoxic activity on mice of different strains. Single intraperitoneal (ip) doses of 183.0 mg/kg (0.5 mmol/kg) and 73.2 mg/kg (0.2 mmol/kg) bromophos caused a significant enhancement in the percentage of chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells of CFLP mice; similar effects were produced by a single dose of 0.2 mmol/kg demethylbromophos tetramethylammonium salt and demethylbromophos sodium salt trihydrate, respectively, indicating that the cytogenetic activity of bromophos is not connected with its alkylating properties. After repeated ip or oral administration to pregnant mice of strains AB Jena/Halle and DBA, none of the tested compounds showed a marked influence on the total implantation losses, although in some cases the postimplantation losses were significantly increased.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)416-421
Number of pages6
JournalRegulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1986

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