Cryopreservation of goat oocytes and in vivo derived 2- to 4-cell embryos using the cryoloop (CLV) and solid-surface vitrification (SSV) methods

Isabelle Begin, Bhim Bhatia, Hernan Baldassarre, Andras Dinnyes, Carol L. Keefer

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This study evaluated the efficiency and toxicity of two cryopreservation methods, solid-surface vitrification (SSV) and cryoloop vitrification (CLV), on in vitro matured oocytes and in vivo derived early stage goat embryos. In the SSV method, oocytes were vitrified in a solution of 35% ethylene glycol (EG), 5% polyvinyl-pyrrolidone (PVP), and 0.4% trehalose. Microdrops containing the oocytes were cryopreserved by dropping them on a cold metal surface that was partially immersed in liquid nitrogen. In the cryoloop method, oocytes were transferred onto a film of the CLV solution (20% DMSO, 20% EG, 10mg/ml Ficoll and 0.65 M sucrose) suspended in the cryoloop. The cryoloop was then plunged into the liquid nitrogen. In vivo derived embryos were vitrified using the same procedures. The SSV microdrops were warmed in a solution of 0.3 M trehalose and those vitrified with CLV were warmed with incubation in 0.25 and 0.125 M sucrose. Oocytes and embryos vitrified by the SSV method had a significantly lower survival rate than the control (60 and 39% versus 100%, respectively; P < 0.05), while the survival rate of CLV oocytes and embryos (89 and 88%, respectively) did not differ from controls. Cleavage and blastocyst rates of the surviving vitrified oocytes (parthenogenetically activated) and embryos (cultured for 9 days) were not significantly different (P > 0.05) from the control nor did they differ between vitrification methods. Embryos vitrified with the CLV method gave rise to blastocysts (2/15). Our data demonstrated that the two vitrification methods employed resulted in acceptable levels of survival and cleavage of goat oocytes and embryos.

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Publication statusPublished - Apr 15 2003



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