Crop demand of manganese

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The objectives of this study were to evaluate some of the popular rotation crops grown in Hungary for tolerance to low external Mn 2+ levels and to determine the critical tissue concentration of Mn 2+ deficiency during early stages of growth. The minimum Mn 2+ concentration required in soil nutrient contents was 42.5 mg kg -1 for sunflower, 24.3 mg kg -1 for tobacco and 10.2 mg kg -1 for triticale. Sunflower, tobacco and triticale achieved optimum growth at 48.0-65.0 mg Mn 2+ kg -1, 24.9-32.1 mg Mn n+ kg -1 and 28.7 to 29.6 mg Mn 2+ kg -1, respectively. Critical shoot Mn 2+ concentration at early stages of growth was 53.6 mg kg -1 in sunflower, 458.0 mg kg -1 in tobacco and 193.8 mg kg -1 in triticale. Our results demonstrate that the tolerance to low external Mn 2+ (triticale: <30.2 mg kg -1 sunflower: <56.2 mg kg -1; tobacco: <69.3 mg kg -1) and the critical tissue Mn 2+ levels for deficiency varied significantly between crop species tested.

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