Contribution to the spider fauna of the Mohoş peat bog front Transylvania, with some new data for Romania

István Urák, Ferenc Samu

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The arachnofauna of the Mohoş peat bog (Transylvania, Romania) was examined between May 2003 and September 2004. The material collected with various sampling methods consists of 1593 specimens belonging to 96 species of 20 families. Most specimens and species belong to the family Linyphiidae and Lycosidae. Cnephalocotes obscurus (Blackwall, 1834) represents a new record for the Romanian arachnofauna and some other rare species [e.g. Gnaphosa nigerrima L. Koch, 1877 and Notioscopus sarcinatus (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872)] are also identified. Furthermore, the occurrence of two questionable species [Scotina palliardii (L. Koch, 1881) and Zelotes clivicola (L. Koch, 1870)] is proved. The list of species collected in different habitat types of the bog and their respective indicator species are presented. Non-metric multidimensional scaling ordination was performed for the comparison of spider communities. The spider community of the surrounding beech area stood out as the most individual, having only a few species in common with the other studied habitat types. In the same comparison, the Scots Pine area of the bog occupied an intermediate position between the central open area of the bog and the beech area. Based on the uniqueness of the spider communities, a more strict protection of these valuable habitats would be recommended.

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JournalNorth-Western Journal of Zoology
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2008


  • Araneae
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  • Peat bog
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