Content Structure for Driving Object Parameters in Contextual Model of Engineering Structure

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Advanced industrial product is operated by cooperating systems and can be considered as cyber physical system (CPS). To cope with engineering of this product, system level model should be considered to replace the conventional physical level model. System level modeling was enforced by high level products among others at leading aircraft and car industries. This makes the conventional dialogue-based model definition challenging. Moreover, recent efforts for integration of formerly separated models of engineering product made physical level product model system very complex. As contribution to solving the problem generated by the above new situation, this paper introduces a new modeling method and model structure which assists engineers at the definition of system level product model. The proposed solution uses thematically structured driving intellectual content model which can be integrated in the structure and methodology of system enabled engineering modeling platform. In the organization of this paper first new concept of extended CPS model is introduced. This is followed by explanation of structure and operation of the proposed driving content model. In the rest of paper issues of integration of the proposed contribution in leading industrial engineering modeling platform and implementation issues are discussed. Recent idea of harmonizing well grounded theory and proven experience in industrial product model for innovation cycle and lifecycle of product is considered.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2020

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  • Extended cyber physical system concept
  • Integration engineering areas in project
  • Knowledge driven object model
  • System based engineering model
  • Thematically structured driving intellectual content model

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