Conodonts of stratigraphical importance from the Anisian/Ladinian boundary interval of the Balaton Highland, Hungary

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Stratigraphically important conodonts occurring in the Anisian/Ladinian boundary interval are preliminarily described and their evolutionary lineages discussed. Among them some new taxa are proposed. Gondolella constricta postcornuta ssp. n., G. fueloepi sp. n. with two new subspecies, G. liebermani Kovacs & Crystyn sp. n. and G.? praehungarica sp. n. Two of the new ones, G. constricta postcornuta and G.? praehungarica are recognized as zonal index forms in the Balaton Highland Middle Triassic. -Author

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JournalRivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1993


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