Concepts for topical formulations adjusted to the structure of the skin

Miklos Ghyczy, Vladimir Vacata

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The intactness of the skin permeability barrier is the most important prerequisite of a healthy skin. This particularly applies to the interaction of the components of topical preparations with the skin. The use of emulsifiers in these topical formulations is based on their ability to disperse lipids in water regardless of their origin. Owing to this fact the emulsifiers could also interact with lipids of the permeability barrier. The extent of this interaction depends on the chemical structure and the dosage of the emulsifier. The damage incurred to the permeability barrier can lead to pathological changes in the skin. The alternatives to these possibly harmful emulsifiers are biomolecules similar to those which compose the bilayer lamellar structures of stratum corneum. Formulations prepared from such biomolecules display a structure similar to that of the skin permeability barrier and do not disturb the native skin structure. New formulations using these biomolecules comply with the most important requirement placed on topical formulations: Do not cause any damage to the skin!

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JournalChimica Oggi
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 1999


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