Computerised data management system for cereal breeding

L. Láng, C. Kuti, Z. Bedö

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A program package for wheat breeding was compiled in Martonvásár in 1983 and was used for over 10 years with minor modifications to satisfy breeding requirements. Due to new ideas and advances made in the field of computer science and other technologies the data structure and program package have been redesigned. The chief emphasis in developing the Martonvásár Wheat Breeding Software is on the handling of genealogical and observation data and on the classifications required for well-based selection decisions. The widely-used Windows 9x/NT operational system, the MSAccess data base-handling system and the Visual Basic 5.0 programming language have been chosen for this purpose. The subprograms controlling major breeding tasks include the transfer of the data of the selected lines, with the necessary modifications, to the data base of the new experimental year, the handling of new crosses and seed shipment data, the preparation of the field plan, various output (label, fieldbook) and input (manual, online) possibilities and a simple statistical module.

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Publication statusPublished - Jul 23 2001


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