Competition between collective and noncollective excitation modes at high spin in Ba124

A. Al-Khatib, A. K. Singh, H. Hübel, P. Bringel, A. Bürger, J. Domscheit, A. Neußer-Neffgen, G. Schönwaßer, G. B. Hagemann, C. Ronn Hansen, B. Herskind, G. Sletten, J. N. Wilson, J. Timár, A. Algora, Zs Dombrádi, J. Gál, G. Kalinka, J. Molnár, B. M. NyakóD. Sohler, L. Zolnai, R. M. Clark, M. Cromaz, P. Fallon, I. Y. Lee, A. O. Macchiavelli, D. Ward, H. Amro, W. C. Ma, M. Kmiecik, A. Maj, J. Styczen, K. Zuber, K. Hauschild, A. Korichi, A. Lopez-Martens, J. Roccaz, S. Siem, F. Hannachi, J. N. Scheurer, P. Bednarczyk, Th Byrski, D. Curien, O. Dorvaux, G. Duchêne, B. Gall, F. Khalfallah, I. Piqueras, J. Robin, A. Görgen, K. Juhász, S. B. Patel, A. O. Evans, G. Rainovski, G. Benzoni, A. Bracco, F. Camera, S. Leoni, P. Mason, B. Million, A. Paleni, R. Sacchi, O. Wieland, C. M. Petrache, D. Petrache, G. La Rana, R. Moro, G. De Angelis, J. C. Lisle, B. Cederwall, K. Lagergren, R. M. Lieder, E. Podsvirova, W. Gast, H. Jäger, N. Redon

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High-spin states in Ba124 were investigated in two experiments using the Ni64(Ni64, 4n)Ba124 reaction at three different beam energies. In-beam γ-ray coincidences were measured with the Euroball and Gammasphere detector arrays. In the experiment with Euroball, the CsI detector array Diamant was employed to discriminate against charged-particle channels. Six new rotational bands were observed in Ba124, and previously known bands were extended to higher spins. One of the bands shows a transition from collective to noncollective behavior at high spins. Configuration assignments are suggested on the basis of comparison with cranked shell model and cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky calculations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number014305
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Al-Khatib, A., Singh, A. K., Hübel, H., Bringel, P., Bürger, A., Domscheit, J., Neußer-Neffgen, A., Schönwaßer, G., Hagemann, G. B., Hansen, C. R., Herskind, B., Sletten, G., Wilson, J. N., Timár, J., Algora, A., Dombrádi, Z., Gál, J., Kalinka, G., Molnár, J., ... Redon, N. (2006). Competition between collective and noncollective excitation modes at high spin in Ba124. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 74(1), [014305].