Comparison of thermal models for ground-mounted south-facing photovoltaic technologies: A practical case study

Henrik Zsiborács, Gábor Pintér, Attila Bai, József Popp, Zoltán Gabnai, Béla Pályi, István Farkas, Nóra Hegedusné Baranyai, Christian Gützer, Heidelinde Trimmel, Sandro Oswald, Philipp Weihs

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This paper examines the thermal properties of free-standing, ground-installed, south-facing crystalline and amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules, the remaining energy and the energy generation of the modules, in ideal and actual summer weather conditions. This work studies the algorithms in other studies used to describe the thermal processes occurring on the surface of photovoltaic modules. Using accurate devices and real, measured data, the deviations and the inaccuracies of theoretical approaches are investigated. The emphasis of the present study is to improve the simulation accuracy of the total emitted long-wave radiation at the module surface and to show the appropriate overall convection coefficient values for ground-mounted south-facing photovoltaic technologies. The innovative aspect of the present paper is an improved model resulting from an improved convective heat transfer and net long-wave radiation calculation. As a result of this research, algorithms describing the energy fluxes were developed. These algorithms have a 1-3% better accuracy of the net long-wave radiation calculations at the module surface. The rate of net energy exchange by convection at the module surface could be improved by 10-12% compared to the previous literature.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1114
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2018



  • Efficiency
  • Energy analysis
  • Heat transfer
  • PV model
  • Solar energy

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Zsiborács, H., Pintér, G., Bai, A., Popp, J., Gabnai, Z., Pályi, B., Farkas, I., Baranyai, N. H., Gützer, C., Trimmel, H., Oswald, S., & Weihs, P. (2018). Comparison of thermal models for ground-mounted south-facing photovoltaic technologies: A practical case study. Energies, 11(5), [1114].