Comparison of Extractive and Pressure-Swing Batch Distillation for Acetone-Methanol Separation

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The performance of extractive (BED) and pressure swing distillation (PSBD) for the separation of the mixture acetone(A)-methanol(B) forming a minimum azeotrope are compared. For the BED, where the solvent(S) is water, three different operational policies (basic, modified, controlled) are studied. For the PSBD the double column batch stripper (DCBS) is applied with and without heat integration (HI). The rigorous simulation calculations are made with a professional dynamic simulator. From the same equimolar binary charge A and B are produced in the same purity with all methods. The specific overall energy consumptions and recoveries are compared.

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JournalComputer Aided Chemical Engineering
Publication statusPublished - Jun 20 2011



  • Batch Distillation
  • Dynamic Simulation and Control
  • Extractive Distillation
  • Pressure-Swing
  • Separation of Azeotropes

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