Comparative study of the clinical picture and histopathologic structure of oral leukoplakia

Jolán Bánóczy, Árpád Csiba

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The results of a clinicopathologic study of 165 oral leukoplakia cases followed up over a period of years are presented. The histologic changes were correlated with the clinical appearance and subsequent clinical course. A certain relationship between the clinical type of leukoplakia and its histologic changes could be established. The type of keratinization varied according to the clinical appearance; hyperorthokeratosis was found in the majority of leukoplakia simplex and verrucosa, and hyperparakeratosis was found in the leukoplakia erosiva cases. Comparing the results of histologic examination with the subsequent clinical course, the hyperparakeratotic group showed a more unfavorable proportion of healing than the hyperorthokeratotic leukoplakias.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1972


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