Comparative study of aminopyridine-induced seizure activities in primary and mirror foci of cat's cortex

Magdolna Szente, F. Pongrácz

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Epileptogenic activity was induced by topical application of 3-Ap on the somatosensory cortex of anaesthetized cats. Surface epileptiform events were recorded and single cell activity was studied with intracellular electrodes both in the primary and in the mirror focus. Surface records showed that soon after the onset of paroxysmal activity in the primary focus, an epileptic mirror focus developed with variable delay. After MnCl2 treatment of the primary focus, the mirror focus generated independent epileptic events. In the primary and in the mirror focus 122 neurones were recorded intracellularly during seizure activity. Different firing patterns were observed. In the primary focus 31% and in the mirror focus 28% of the recorded neurones generated PDSs. The firing of the neurones in both foci was often phase-locked with surface waves. PDSs usually occurred asynchronously with the surface activity. Ionic mechanisms which may underlie the effect of 3-Ap are discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)353-367
Number of pages15
JournalElectroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1981


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