Common functional variants of APOA5 and GCKR accumulate gradually in association with triglyceride increase in metabolic syndrome patients

Ferenc Hadarits, Péter Kisfali, Marton Mohás, Anita Maász, Balázs Duga, Ingrid Janicsek, István Wittmann, Béla Melegh

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The common functional variants of the apoli-poprotein A5 (APOA5) and the glucokinase regulatory protein genes (GCKR) have been shown to associate with increased fasting triglyceride (TG) levels. Albeit the basic association has been extensively investigated in several populations of different origin, less is known about quantitative traits of them. In our study accumulation rates of four APOA5 (T-1131, IVS3 + G476A, T1259C and C56G) and two GCKR (C1337T and rs780094) functional SNPs were analyzed in patients stratified into four TG quartile groups. Randomly selected 325 metabolic syndrome patients were separated into four quartile (q) groups based on the TG levels as follows q1: TG <1.38 mmol/l; q2: 1.38-1.93 mmol/l; q3: 1.94-2.83 mmol/l; and q4: TG >2.83 mmol/l. We observed significant stepwise increase of prevalence rates of minor allele frequencies in the four plasma TG quartiles for three APOA5 SNPs: -1131C (q1: 4.94%; q2: 8.64%; q3: 11.6%; q4: 12.3%), IVS3 + 476A (q1: 4.32%; q2: 7.4%; q3: 10.36%; q4: 11.1%), and 1259C (q1: 4.94%; q2: 7.41%; q3: 10.4%; q4: 11.7%). The hap-lotype analysis revealed, that the frequency of APOA5*2 haplotype gradually increased in q2, q3 and q4 (q1: 9.87%; q2: 14.8%; q3: 18.3%; q4: 21%). The distribution of the homozygotes of the two analyzed GCKR variants resembled to the APOA5 pattern. Contrary to the hypothetically predictable linear association coming from the current knowledge about the APOA5 and GCKR functions, the findings presented here revealed a unique, TG raise dependent gradual accumulation of the functional variants of in MS patients. Thus, the findings of the current study serve indirect evidence for the existence of rare APOA5 and GCKR haplotypes in metabolic syndrome patients with higher TG levels, which contribute to the complex lipid metabolism alteration in this disease.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1949-1955
Number of pages7
JournalMolecular Biology Reports
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2012


  • APOA5
  • GCKR
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Triglycerides

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