Combining air sparging and the use of a static mixer in cross-flow ultrafiltration of oil/water emulsion

Gyula N. Vatai, Darko M. Krstic, Wilhelm Höflinger, András K. Koris, Miodrag N. Tekic

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The simultaneous use of a static mixer and air sparging technique has been investigated during cross-flow ultrafiltration of oil/water emulsion. It is found that the use of a static mixer leads to a considerable increase in the permeate flux. However, the presence of a static mixer reduced hold-up in the feed channel leading to a high pressure drop along the length of the membrane and therefore the increase in energy consumption. Combining air sparging and the use of a static mixer demonstrated that a high permeate flux can be obtained at a relatively low energy consumption. The results suggest that the simultaneous use of these techniques could be interesting in membrane processes which already use gas injection, such as aerobic membrane bioreactors.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 5 2007



  • Air sparging
  • Cross-flow ultrafiltration
  • Oil/water emulsion
  • Static mixer

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