Collective and broken pair states of [Formula Presented]Ga

I. Dankó, D. Sohler, Zs Dombrádi, S. Brant, V. Krstić, J. Cederkäll, M. Lipoglavs̆ek, M. Palacz, J. Persson, A. Atac, C. Fahlander, H. Grawe, A. Johnson, A. Kerek, W. Klamra, J. Kownacki, A. Likar, L. O. Norlin, J. Nyberg, V. PaarR. Schubart, D. Seweryniak, D. Vretenar, G. de Angelis, P. Bednarczyk, D. Foltescu, D. Jerrestam, S. Juutinen, E. Mäkelä, B. M. Nyakó, M. de Poli, H. A. Roth, T. Shizuma, Skeppstedt, G. Sletten, S. Törmänen

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Excited states of [Formula Presented] and [Formula Presented] nuclei were populated through the [Formula Presented] and [Formula Presented] reactions, respectively, and investigated by in-beam [Formula Presented]-ray spectroscopic methods. The NORDBALL array equipped with a charged particle ball and 11 neutron detectors was used to detect the evaporated particles and [Formula Presented] rays. The level schemes of [Formula Presented] were constructed on the basis of [Formula Presented]-coincidence relations up to 8.6 and 10 MeV excitation energy, and [Formula Presented] and [Formula Presented] spin and parity, respectively. The structure of [Formula Presented] nuclei was described in the interacting boson-fermion plus broken pair model, including quasiproton, quasiproton-two-quasineutron, and three-quasiproton fermion configurations in the boson-fermion basis states. Most of the states were assigned to quasiparticle + phonon and three quasiparticle configurations on the basis of their electromagnetic decay properties.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1956-1974
Number of pages19
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Dankó, I., Sohler, D., Dombrádi, Z., Brant, S., Krstić, V., Cederkäll, J., Lipoglavs̆ek, M., Palacz, M., Persson, J., Atac, A., Fahlander, C., Grawe, H., Johnson, A., Kerek, A., Klamra, W., Kownacki, J., Likar, A., Norlin, L. O., Nyberg, J., ... Törmänen, S. (1999). Collective and broken pair states of [Formula Presented]Ga. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 59(4), 1956-1974.