Coherent control of single spins in silicon carbide at room temperature

Matthias Widmann, Sang Yun Lee, Torsten Rendler, Nguyen Tien Son, Helmut Fedder, Seoyoung Paik, Li Ping Yang, Nan Zhao, Sen Yang, Ian Booker, Andrej Denisenko, Mohammad Jamali, S. Ali Momenzadeh, Ilja Gerhardt, Takeshi Ohshima, Adam Gali, Erik Janzén, Jörg Wrachtrup

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Spins in solids are cornerstone elements of quantum spintronics. Leading contenders such as defects in diamond or individual phosphorus dopants in silicon have shown spectacular progress, but either lack established nanotechnology or an efficient spin/photon interface. Silicon carbide (SiC) combines the strength of both systems: it has a large bandgap with deep defects and benefits from mature fabrication techniques. Here, we report the characterization of photoluminescence and optical spin polarization from single silicon vacancies in SiC, and demonstrate that single spins can be addressed at room temperature. We show coherent control of a single defect spin and find long spin coherence times under ambient conditions. Our study provides evidence that SiC is a promising system for atomic-scale spintronics and quantum technology.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)164-168
Number of pages5
JournalNature Materials
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2015

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    Widmann, M., Lee, S. Y., Rendler, T., Son, N. T., Fedder, H., Paik, S., Yang, L. P., Zhao, N., Yang, S., Booker, I., Denisenko, A., Jamali, M., Ali Momenzadeh, S., Gerhardt, I., Ohshima, T., Gali, A., Janzén, E., & Wrachtrup, J. (2015). Coherent control of single spins in silicon carbide at room temperature. Nature Materials, 14(2), 164-168.