Cloning and sequencing of potato virus Y (Hungarian isolate) genomic RNA

Vera Thole, Tamás Dalmay, József Burgyán, Ervin Balázs

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A sequence of 9703 nucleotides (nt) is reported for the genomic RNA of potato virus Y (Hungarian isolate, PVY-H), which causes necrotic rings around the buds on the tubers and mottling of leaves. The sequence contains one large open reading frame of 3061 amino acids (aa), a noncoding region of 189 nt at the 5′ end and a 330-nt 3' nontranslated region. The nt sequence and the predicted aa sequence of the polyprotein of PVY-H were analysed pairwise with the only available complete sequence of PVY strain N (PVYn) and with the partial sequences of different PVY strains, as well as with other potyviruses and potyvirus-related plant viruses. The overall relationship between PVY-H and PVYn shows a nt sequence identity of 88.5% and an aa sequence identity of 94.2%. The lowest degree of homology was detected at the 5′ terminus of the genome, including the 5′ noncoding region (70.3%) and the 275-aa P1 protein (78%). A fivefold sequence repeat block of 5′-UUUCA was found in the 5′ noncoding region of PVY-H, which seems to be characteristic of PVY strains.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)149-156
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 30 1993



  • Recombinant DNA
  • complete sequence
  • plant virus
  • potyvirus
  • sequence comparison
  • single-stranded messenger RNA

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