Klinische bedeutung der echokontrastverstarkung in der neurovaskularen diagnostik: Erfahrungsbericht nach einjahriger offener anwendungsstudie

Translated title of the contribution: Clinical significance of echocontrast enhancement in neurosonology: Aim of the study

D. G. Nabavi, D. W. Droste, G. Schulte-Altedorneburg, V. Kemény, M. Panzica, S. Weber, E. B. Ringelstein

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To evaluate the potential and limitations of echocontrast enhancement using Levovist® in a non selected consecutive cohort of neurological patients with insufficient native ultrasound investigations. Methods: In 91 patients an indication for echocontrast application was seen after an insufficient extracranial (n = 17), transtemporal (n = 54), and transforaminal (n = 20) Doppler- und color-coded Duplex sonography. Levovist® was injected at a concentration of 400 mg/ml and 200-400 mg/ml for the transcranial and extracranial approach, respectively. The effect of the echocontrast enhancement was assessed semiquantitatively with respect to signal enhancement, imaging quality, and diagnostic confidence. Results: In a total of 83 patients (91%) the signal enhancement led to a moderate to high imaging quality allowing to reach 67 definite neurovascular diagnoses (74%). In subgroup analysis, the amount of sufficiently confident examinations was significantly higher for the transtemporal and transforaminal (both 80%) than for the extracranial approach (47%). The latter was mostly due to artificial signals derived from adjacent neck vessels. Conclusion: Levovist® constitutes a safe and highly effective diagnostic tool especially for the transtemporal and transforaminal neurosonographical imaging. By means of a differentiated application of echocontrast agents, its cost-effectiveness can be increased and the need for other potential invasive and expansive neuroimaging methods can be further reduced.

Translated title of the contributionClinical significance of echocontrast enhancement in neurosonology: Aim of the study
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)466-473
Number of pages8
JournalFortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1998

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