Chromium and nickel, contents of some common edible mushroom species

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Ninety three samples of twenty five higher mushroom species were analysed for chromium and nickel contents. The average Cr-content of the samples (gathered in years 1993-1995) was 1.43 mg/kg D.M., the concentrations varied between 0.05 and 4.51 mg/kg D.M. The highest Cr-content was found in Lactarius deliciosus, the smallest one in Tricholoma scalpturatum and Xerocomus subtomentosus (0.05 mg/kg D.M.). The nickel level of the samples was between 0.81 (Hypholoma capnoides) and 9.9 mg/kg D.M. (Tricholoma terreum) the average concentration of the mushrooms was 2.79 mg/kg D.M. The measured Cr-and Ni-concentrations are under the toxicological limits (for Cr: 5.0, for Ni: 20 mg/kg D.M.).

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JournalActa Alimentaria
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