Cholecystitis, gallstones and free radical reactions in human gallbladder

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Background: The relationship between biophysical and biochemical processes of gallbladder bile and free radical reactions is still not known. The aim of our study was to investigate the correlation between free radical production and the degree of inflammation in gallbladder. Material and Methods: The degree of chronic cholecystitis was determined by observing the number of infiltrating lymphocytes and the mucosal epithelial change. The free radical reaction products were determined by measuring the chemiluminescent light intensity, the malondialdehyd (MDA) and dien concentration of bile. Results: The content of free radical reaction products, like MDA and dien in bile slightly decreased with the severity of cholecystitis. The size of stones inversely correlated with the severity of inflammation. The chemiluminescent light intensity showed correlation with bilirubin concentration. Between 501 (mol/l range the bilirubin gave significantly higher chemiluminescent light intensity, than in the lower and in the higher concentration range. In this bilirubin concentration range dien concentration correlated inversely with chemiluminescent light intensity, while MDA concentration elevated with the bilirubin concentration. Conclusion: Correlation was found between the number of stones and the degree of cholecystitis which may indicate that free radical products are incorporated into the stones and do not stay in solution. The ligh chemiluminescent light intensity of the bile at the 501-1300 (mol/l bilirubin concentration range means that bilirubin participates at this concentration most reactively in free radical reactions. These results suggest, that there is a corelation between free radical reactions, gallstone formation and the degree of cholecystitis.

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