Changes of red blood cell aggregation parameters in a long-term follow-up of splenectomy, spleen-autotransplantation and partial or subtotal spleen resections in a canine model

Iren Miko, Norbert Nemeth, Katalin Peto, Andrea Furka, Laszlo Toth, Istvan Furka

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BACKGROUND: Decrease or loss in splenic filtration function may influence the hemorheological state. OBJECTIVE: To follow-up the long-term effects of splenectomy, spleen autotransplantation and spleen resections on red blood cell aggregation in a canine model. METHODS: Beagle dogs were subjected to control (n = 6), splenectomy (SE, n = 4), spleen autotransplantation (AU, Furka's spleen-chip method, n = 8) or partial and subtotal spleen resection (n = 4/each) groups, and followed-up for 18 postoperative (p.o.) months. Erythrocyte aggregation was determined in parallel by light-transmittance aggregometry (Myrenne MA-1 aggregometer) and syllectometry (LoRRca). RESULTS: Erythrocyte aggregation decreased three months after splenectomy, with lower aggregation index and elongated aggregation time. It was more or less associated with relatively lower hematocrit and fibrinogen concentration. However, in autotransplantated animals a relatively higher fibrinogen did not increase the aggregation markedly. Spleen resection resulted in the most controversial red blood cell aggregation findings, and it seems, that the degree of the resection is an influencing factor. CONCLUSIONS: Splenectomy alters erythrocyte aggregation, spleen autotransplantation can be useful to preserve filtration function. However, the degree of restoration shows individual differences with a kind of 'functional periodicity'. Spleen resection controversially influences erythrocyte aggregation parameters. The subtotal resection is supposed to be worse than spleen autotransplantation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)91-100
Number of pages10
JournalClinical hemorheology and microcirculation
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2017



  • Spleen filtration function
  • red blood cell aggregation
  • spleen autotransplantation
  • spleen partial or subtotal resection
  • splenectomy

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