Changes in the properties of light-irradiated wood with heat treatment - Application of laser

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We applied two types of laser to examine the photodegradation of wood and to color the wood with light irradiation and heat treatment. The relative intensities of XeCl-laser-irradiated wood at 1510 cm-1 and 1724 cm-1 calculated from DRIFT spectra changed larger than KrF-laser-irradiated one. In addition, the changes in color by irradiation with XeCl-laser were also more pronounced than those with KrF-laser. By heat treatment after laser-irradiation, the color of the wood irradiated with XeCl-laser changed greater than that with KrF-laser. Therefore, it was thought that UV-B region is more effective for application of laser to a new coloring method with light and heat.

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JournalWood Research
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Publication statusPublished - May 6 2005



  • Color
  • DRIFT spectroscopy
  • Heat treatment
  • Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D.Don)
  • UV-laser irradiation

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