A Progresszív Szisztémás Sclerosis és kefalometriai vonatkozásai--egy eset kapcsán.

Translated title of the contribution: Cephalometric aspects of progressive systemic sclerosis--a case report

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The Progressive Systemic Sclerosos (PSS) is an autoimmune disease which affects mainly the middle age groups and is manifested in the fibrosis of different internal organs. The disease is important for the dentist because of the restricted mouth opening leading to the difficulties in oral hygiene and the routine dental treatment. The oral involvement in Progressive Systemic Sclerosis has already been studied, and a few alteration and radiological changes were detected. However cephalometric analysis of this patient group has not been performed up to now. In our study the oral clinical and radiological signs of the disease has been described in a patient with PSS. Cephalometric analysis (according to Ricketts, modified and to Holdoway) has been used to show the radiological anomalies of her jaws and soft tissues. The most important data of the jaws were registered in changes of SNB and AB angles. In soft tissues the most important cephalometrical changes were in the perioral region probably because of the sclerosis. This method (cephalometric method) would be a new possibility to describe objectively the clinical signs (mainly the changes in soft tissues) of patients with PSS.

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