Halálokok, szövödmények rheumatoid arthritisben.

Translated title of the contribution: Causes of death as well as complications in rheumatoid arthritis

M. Bély, A. Apáthy

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The frequency of basic diseases, complications, causes of death and associated illnesses were studied on non selected autopsy material of 161 patients with rheumatoid arthritis died at the National Institute of Rheumatology in 1970-1992. The authors determined the incidence of severe complications such as systemic vasculitis, generalized secondary amyloidosis, generalized septic infection and miliary epithelioid granulomatosis (probably miliary tuberculosis). In 122 cases (75.8%) the RA, while in the remaining 39 (24.2%) cases other basic disease was the underlying cause of death. Vasculitis was observed in 36 cases (22.4%), amyloidosis in 34 (21.1%), sepsis in 22 (13.7%), and miliary tuberculosis in 6 (3.7%) out of 161 RA patients. Vasculitis led to death in 19 (11.8%), amyloidosis in 17 (10.6%), sepsis in 22 (13.7%) cases. However, none of the miliary tuberculosis was direct cause of death. In 76 cases (47.2%) rheumatoid arthritis was not complicated by vasculitis, amyloidosis, sepsis or military tuberculosis and in 85 cases (52.8%) one or more of these complications existed in the necropsy material of 161 RA patients. In 74 patients (46%) only one complication and in 11 (6.8%) more than one from the mentioned complication existed simultaneously in the same patients. Vasculitis was detected clinically in 7 patients (relative frequency: 19.4%), amyloidosis in 8 (relative frequency: 23.5%), sepsis in 10 (relative frequency: 45.4%), however none of the 6 mT was detected clinically. Out of 98 complications in 85 Rheumatoid patients only 25 were recognized clinically (25.5%).

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JournalOrvosi hetilap
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 11 1994


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