Case studies for clean technology development in the chemical industry using zeolite based catalysts

Tatjána Juzsakova, Noor Al-Jammal, Igor Cretescu, Viktor Sebestyén, Cuong Le Phuoc, Endre Domokos, A. Rédey, Catalina Daniela Stan

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This paper deals with the practical implementation of cleaner technologies in the chemical industry, using two case studies as an illustration. The first case study deals with the removal of NOx and N2O gases over an iron-doped ZSM-5 catalyst developed for tail gas treatment in nitric acid manufacturing. The aim for this case study was to investigate the efficiency of the zeolitic catalyst in the DeNOx process and to compare its catalytic activity with the conventional vanadia-titania. By the experiments carried out, it can be concluded that the new technological developments could significantly contribute to a decrease in environmental pollution. The second case study focuses on zeolite-based catalysts prepared from zeolitic tuff by the impregnation method, for biodiesel production from waste sunflower vegetable oil. The effects of operating and processing variables such as reaction temperature and time were investigated. The results showed that the highest biodiesel yield was 96.7% at an 11.5 MeOH/oil molar ratio, in the presence of 6.4 wt % catalyst at a 50 _C reaction temperature and reaction time of 2 h. The properties of the biodiesel that was produced, such as the viscosity, meet the required specifications of standard JUS EN14214. The common feature of the two different case studies is that both technologies use zeolite catalysts, namely naturally-occurring zeolitic tuff and synthetic ZSM type zeolite catalyst. The examples shown emphasize the importance of the zeolites in clean chemical technologies, which contribute to the protection of the environment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number462
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 17 2018



  • Biodiesel
  • DeNOx
  • Nitrogen oxide emission
  • SCR
  • Tail gas treatment
  • Transesterification of waste vegetable oil

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