Calculation of the decay rate of tachyonic neutrinos against charged-lepton-pair and neutrino-pair Cerenkov radiation

Ulrich D. Jentschura, István Nándori, Robert Ehrlich

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We consider in detail the calculation of the decay rate of high-energy superluminal neutrinos against (charged) lepton pair Cerenkov radiation, and neutrino pair Cerenkov radiation, i.e., against the decay channels n → n e e + - and n → n n n. Under the hypothesis of a tachyonic nature of neutrinos, these decay channels put constraints on the lifetime of high-energy neutrinos for terrestrial experiments as well as on cosmic scales. For the oncoming neutrino, we use the Lorentz-covariant tachyonic relation En = - p m→2 n 2 , where m→ is the tachyonic mass parameter. We derive both threshold conditions as well as on decay and energy loss rates, using the plane-wave fundamental bispinor solutions of the tachyonic Dirac equation. Various intricacies of rest frame versus lab frame calculations are highlighted. The results are compared to the observations of high-energy IceCube neutrinos of cosmological origin.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105201
JournalJournal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Sep 12 2017



  • Lorentz invariance
  • Neutrinos
  • decay processes
  • generalized Dirac equations
  • tachyons

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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