Calculation of elastic energy contributions in single crystalline cu-11.5wt%Al-5.0wt%Ni shape memory alloy

T. Y. Elrasasi, L. Daróczi, D. L. Beke

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Using our local equilibrium model of the martensitic transformation [1] the elastic energy contributions, as the function of martensite volume fraction, ξ, in the phase transformation of single crystalline Cu-11.5wt%Al-5.0wt%Ni shape memory alloy were calculated from our measurements published earlier [2]. The derivative of the elastic energy δE/δξ=e (E is the total elastic energy stored/released during the austenite to martensite (A→M) as well as M→A transformation) could be calculated only irrespectively of the ΔST0 term (T0 is the equilibrium transformation temperature and ΔS is the entropy change of phase transformation). But, since ΔST0 is independent of ξ, the functions obtained reflect the ξ dependence of e as well as E quantities. From the DSC curves measured at zero uniaxial stress (σ = 0) [2], the ξ-T hysteric loop was constructed. Then the e(ξ) curves at fix σ as well as fix T were calculated. The E values obtained from the integral of e(ξ), fit well to the E(σ) as well as E(T) curves calculated from the strain-temperature and stresstemperature curves measured in [2].

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Title of host publicationMaterials Science, Testing and Informatics VI
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2013
Event8th Hungarian Conference on Materials Science - Balatonkenese, Hungary
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