Building β-peptide H10/12 foldamer helices with six-membered cyclic side-chains: Fine-tuning of folding and self-assembly

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The ability of the β-peptidic H10/12 helix to tolerate side-chains containing six-membered alicyclic rings was studied. cis-2-Aminocyclohex-3-ene carboxylic acid (cis-ACHEC) residues afforded H10/12 helix formation with alternating backbone configuration. Conformational polymorphism was observed for the alternating cis-ACHC hexamer, where chemical exchange takes place between the major left-handed H10/12 helix and a minor folded conformation. The hydrophobically driven self-assembly was achieved for the cis-ACHC-containing helix which was observed as vesicles 100 nm in diameter.

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JournalOrganic Letters
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 3 2010


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