Budapest neutron centre user facilities at the modernized research reactor

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The Budapest Research Reactor (BRR) was recently restarted after a major upgrading and operates at 10 megawatt nominal power from November 1993. The reactor built in 1958, has been fully reconstructed and upgraded according to modern scientific, technological and safety requirements. This unique important neutron source in Central Europe serves various purposes, such as basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, as well as commercial utilization. It is also meant for an educational centre. An instrumentation project, supported by national funding agencies, allowed to install a basic set of experimental stations. Considerable effort is being made to install a liquid hydrogen cold neutron source to widen the beam line research capacity. From 1994 the following experimental stations will be available on neutron beams and guides: a two-axis powder diffractometer, a dynamic neutron/gamma radiography station, a small angle neutron scattering device, a three axis spectrometer and a prompt gamma activation analysis spectrometer, as well as a fast-rabbit irradiation tube system with adjoining activation analysis equipment and hot atom chemistry laboratory.

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JournalActa Physica Hungarica
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