Emlomegtartó kezelés korai invazív emlorákban: A lokális recidíva kezelése utáni túlélés prognosztikai faktorai

Translated title of the contribution: Breast-conservation treatment for early invasive breast cancer: Prognostic factors for survival after salvage treatment of local recurrence

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The aim of the study was to investigate prognosis of patients who develop an isolated local recurrence (ILR) after conservative surgery (CS) for early-stage invasive breast cancer. Between 1983 and 1987, 415 patients with stage I-II breast cancer were treated with CS. Of these patients, 68 developed an ILR. The mean follow-up time after ILR was 167 months. Cox models taking potential prognostic factors into account were used to estimate the risk of death. On univariate analysis, age (=40 vs. >40 years) at first treatment, time to ILR (=24 vs. >24 months), type of recurrence (true vs. new primary tumor, NP), and extent of recurrence (operable vs. inoperable) were, but initial tumor stage (pT1 vs. pT2), initial lymph node stage (pN-negative vs. -positive), adjuvant radiotherapy (yes vs. no), type of salvage surgery (wide excision vs. mastectomy), and recurrent tumor grade (1-2 vs. 3) were not significant predictors of post-recurrence survival. On multivariate analysis only time to ILR proved independent predictor of survival (relative risk: 3.2; 95% confidence interval: 1.4-7.3; p=0.0051), and the age of the patients showed borderline significance (p=0.0659). The 15-year actuarial rate of cause-specific survival after ILR was 58% for all patients, 60% and 0% for patients with operable or inoperable recurrence, 30% and 71% for patients with age ≤40 or >40 years, 25% and 72% for patients with time to ILR ≤24 or >24 months, 54% and 88% for patients with true recurrence or NP, and 92% for patients with age >40 years with NP, respectively. The rate of second local recurrence after salvage mastectomy or repeated wide excision was 16% and 28%, respectively (p=0.2265). As a conclusion, many patients with ILR have good prognosis, particularly those with operable recurrence with prolonged time to ILR, or with NP. Salvage mastectomy is not mandatory for all CS patients.

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